A1cNow Self Check – Web Design & Development

Web design and development for A1cNow – The world’s first disposable HbA1c system for diabetes sufferers.

Using the A1cNow helps those with diabetes (both types 1 and 2) obtain accurate glycated haemoglobin results at home in a fast and easy way. With the world’s first disposable HbA1c system, sufferers can get an overall picture of their average blood sugar levels over the past 2-3 months. The self-check systems provide a wealth of benefits, including no maintenance, providing reliable results and only requires a small finger-stick blood sample.

We designed and developed a website utilising the WordPress framework to fully showcase the A1cNow and detail its range of benefits . Using a modern web design style that reflects the brand, we were able to create a website that provided detailed product information and links to purchase the product direct from the BHR Pharmaceuticals Ecommerce site. A range of resources, including references guides, and frequently asked questions were also incorporated into the website providing a wealth of information and addressing any concerns a buyer may have.

About the Client

The A1CNow Self Check is the world’s first disposable HbA1c system for diabetes sufferers.

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