ANT Industries – Web Design & Development

Web design and development for ANT Industries – a leading manufacturer of precision-engineered aerospace parts, founded in 1972. 

Producing an extensive range of different components and assemblies for aerospace and gas turbine engines, ANT Industries is recognised both nationally and globally. Situated In Atherstone, Warwickshire, ANT has engineering aerospace parts for more than 45 years.

Boasting a highly skilled workforce with strong technical capabilities, ANT provides first-class industry knowledge and extensive manufacturing experience. ANT prides itself on its stringent quality management processes and have gained many certifications and accreditations, including Rolls Royce Deutschland and Mettis Aerospace.

We worked with ANT Industries to design and develop their website. Our aim was to create a favourable impression to visitors and clients and also to help build a connection to their brand. To develop the website, we used a WordPress framework that would allow us increased functionality and plenty of design freedom.

Using the WordPress framework, we were able to create dedicated pages showcasing the certifications and accreditations ANT are proud to have achieved. Quality standards are also significant within the aerospace industry, so an essential component was to create a dedicated page showcasing ANT’s committed quality standards.

About the Client

Founded in 1972, ANT Industries is a leading manufacturer of precision-engineered aerospace parts.

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