Facebook Competition Case Study – Black Diamond Boutique

We have developed various Facebook competition apps for clients which serve to attract new leads and strengthen the relationship with current contacts. A Facebook competition serves a lot more than just attracting new likes to your pages. The information gathered through the competitions we have run, have been extremely valuable to our clients. Not only do you get contact details but also user demographics and also a funnel of providing traffic to your website or various parts of your site.

Black Diamond Boutique in Burbage Leicestershire commissioned Dreamscape to carry out a Facebook competition on their behalf. As part of the package we came up with the competition concept, design, app development and management. All the client had to do was sit back and watch their page likes rise and their newsletter database fill up, knowing full well that their company’s reputation was in safe hands. As part of the management process we randomly selected the competition winner and verified that they were eligible winners. The client also got a csv file of all competition entries which included names, emails, post codes and facebook profile IDs.

Facebook Competition Design

The competition was designed around the clients brand imagery.

1. Page a non-fan will see

BDB Facebook Competition Case Study Nonfan

2. Page a Fan sees

BDB Facebook Competition Case Study Fan

3. Once an entry was made, the users were shown a voucher which entitled them to 10% off any online purchase at blackdiamond-boutique.com. The final component of the competition was a share tool which allowed entrants to share the competition with their friends. For every referral they got our client, they were given an extra chance of winning the top prize.

BDB Facebook Competition Results

The graph above shows the increase in user likes since the competition was started. The Facebook page was brand new and only had around 10 followers before we got started. The competition also directs traffic to the clients new e-commerce website as the competition answer is displayed on one of the products. This has not just resulted in an influx of potential customer data but also in increased sales.

BDB Facebook Competition Targets

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