Blogging for SEO

It is well noted that a blog can be a fantastic business tool, enabling you to keep in touch with customers, post latest company news, and give expert advice about issues within your niche. However, have you considered a blog as a resource for search engine optimisation?

The same points that make a blog a great business tool, also make it the perfect resource for search engine optimisation. Let me explain.

A blog allows you to give your thoughts and opinions relating to your niche, which in turn helps you to be seen as an “expert” within your industry. We all know Google loves content, but content that relates directly to your website, is even more appealing. By adding anchor text to your blogs and linking this back to relevant pages within your site, you are creating quality backlinks to your site, and providing a pathway for Google to cache your content quicker.

We have concluded that Google loves blogs, but Google REALLY loves blogs that are updated regularly. The more regularly you update your blog, the more frequently Google will visit. In fact daily blogs have been known to be cached in a matter of hours. This is an important factor, as it allows you to link up external content via your blog such as articles, press releases, and special offers, which can then be cached quickly. This means your customers can find out about your news almost immediately, and from an SEO perspective it enables optimisation to take place quicker.

To really make the most of the new techniques of search engine optimisation, a regularly updated blog is an essential resource to add to your toolkit.