Broadband Is Out Of Hand

Does your computer seem a little sluggish?  Well, Ofcom have released research that shockingly reveals that ISPs are delivering speeds far below those advertised, according to research published today – with only Virgin Media regularly cutting the factual mustard.

The independent regulator’s research showed that although UK broadband speed had increased by 27% since April 2009 the average consumer received less than half their advertised speed.

This can be a frustrating experience for all you internet users at home, but can be a potentially serious handicap for online businesses and companies that use the internet in their day-to-day business affairs.

Thankfully, Dreamscape Design is in the perfect location for a supersonic internet connection! Located at Eliot Park Innovation Centre, the internet for the entire building is soon to be provided by specialist IT organisation, Conduce, which will be giving the building a high-powered connection that will cause Virgin Media’s own main man Samuel J Jackson to spit out his ‘Royale with cheese’ in amazement!

We don’t mean to brag (we do) but we will have the speed at our fingertips – which means our hosting, uploads and SEO campaigns will be the fastest and the most efficient that are available online. Not only that, but with Conduce’s IT Team in the same office, we may already be located in the epicentre of computer knowledge/brilliance in the entire UK!  But this has yet to be confirmed.

Anyway, that’s enough of blowing our own trumpet. The new service is currently being commissioned and Eliot Park (where our offices are) is taking bandwidth orders from the tenants for provision of the service from September 2010.

So, the clever boffins amongst you want further details? The initial connection is being provided via a 100MB fibre bearer with 50MB taken up from day 1.
Speed is a fantastic asset of course; but it’s greater when it’s combined with quickness!  But we sadly promised to stop all the bragging….