Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Remember the days before social media, when email ruled the waves? It seems like such a long time ago with the revered “You’ve got mail” notification now replaced with Twitter, Facebook and any number of social networks vying for your attention. So why should you care about email marketing, you’ve got social media covered right?

Email marketing is actually alive and well, and is in fact one of the most profitable forms of online marketing. When carried out correctly it can provide huge benefits for your business, all at a much lower cost than other forms of marketing.

What are the benefits of Email marketing?

1). Return on investment: Email marketing can provide you with a fantastic return on your investment. In 2011 the Direct Marketing Association claimed that on average email marketing returns £40 for every £1 invested, which is a higher ROI than any other platform.

2). Targeted marketing: The best way to utilise email marketing is to send only to people who have subscribed. This means the people you are sending to already know your brand and actually want you to contact them. This give you a great opportunity to up-sell new products and services, keep them informed about your brand and provide support to them.

3). Low cost: The cost of setting up and managing an email campaign is very competitive when compared to other forms of marketing, which makes this particularly appealing for small businesses.

4). Calls to action: Emails are a great way to include specific, targeted links to products, signups, competitions, surveys and any other key area of your website. For eCommerce websites it is possible to send links to specific products based on a user’s browsing history (look at Amazon) and take advantage of impulse buying.

5). Tracking: There are many email marketing tools out there, and some of them provide fantastic statistics. These enable you to see who has read your email and who has clicked on the links. It is also possible to integrate with Google Analytics so you can then view the customers journey once on your website. This is a great way of finding out what is working in your email and what isn’t working, so you can make improvements for future campaigns.

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