Expanding Your Business With Social Media

The social media revolution has changed the lives of many Internet users, allowing people to communicate, share information, photos and opinions with the click of a mouse. In short it has made the world a smaller place, and given power back to the web community instead of the corporate giants.

From the point of view of a search marketer, it has meant huge changes to the way we optimise websites. It is no longer enough to simply chase the top positions. It is equally as important to utilise social networking sites to reach out to new and existing customers, and drive traffic to your site from a variety of sources.

Below is a summary of the basic points that every company should utilise for an effective search engine marketing strategy:

  • Create and maintain profiles on FaceBook and Twitter.
  • Keep your fans/followers up to date with regular posts and discussions.
  • Maintain a company blog and don’t let it go stale!
  • Make it easy for people to link back to you by starting discussions, involving yourself in the community, writing articles, etc.
  • Participate in other people’s discussions and blogs.
  • Help content to travel further by creating videos, podcasts, PDFs, images, articles and press releases

The web is very much a thriving community now, controlled by the masses who demand engaging content. It helps to think of the web as a market place where people are willing to haggle, barter and engage with your business in a personal way. The more you shout about your products and engage with the crowds, the more traffic streams you will generate, and this can have a viral effect on the success of your business.