Getting your website to work hard for you

Planning Ahead
As the UK is recovering from the recession and things are showing signs of improvement, now is the time to make sure your website is maximising your sales and enquiries. Gone are the days when an average website will suffice, bringing in the odd sale or enquiry. In harder economic times it is essential that your website works hard for you and increases your revenue. By the correct planning and using a specialist company that will create an online strategy, design, develop, promote and host your website or online application, you are already on the right track to maximising your online revenue stream. This will already give you an advantage over your competitors who could well have a mediocre and poor performing website.

With so many web design companies promising the Earth, how do you go about choosing the right one? Hopefully the following things to look out for will give you a helping hand:

The planning stage of your website and online strategy is essential in the success of any online application. By having a clear idea of what you are after and what you want to achieve will ensure that your chosen developers will be able to understand what you are after, your goals and future development plans. Any reputable website design agency will help you with your website plan and strategy. In order for your website to perform and bring you a return on your investment, your developers should advise the best way forward and use of technology in order to allow you to achieve your goals.

Be Involved In The Development
Ensure your chosen web design agency keep you up to date with developments and your project’s progress. Website development is a two way process and all pages should be approved at the design stage before being coded. Being involved through this process removes unnecessary surprises and possible extra development costs, ensuring your developers are sticking to the brief and your requirements.

You Get What You Pay For
Creating an online strategy, designing a beautiful and user friendly website, using the most up to date and standards compliant code, planning database structures for ultimate performance and scalability, delivering a top class application, and promoting your online presence all takes time to implement. Be wary of extremely low costs and unrealistic timeframes as the chances are you will not receive a service that will deliver your required results. This is a simple case of economics, time = money and if the time is not spent, corners are cut, so, whilst you may get a better deal when it comes to costs, you will be paying for an inefficient development which will not deliver and will cost you more in the long run.

Don’t Sit Back
Whatever you do once you have your completed website or online application is not sit back and expect the sales and enquiries to come flooding in. Having a website is simply not enough. It may sound like common sense but many people forget how competitive the internet is and in order for your website to bring in the enquiries or sales, targeted traffic needs to be directed your way. Sitting back is not going to do this but by using a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service any reputable company will be able to deliver positive results.

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