How (Not) To Get Backlinks

So, how do you get backlinks to your site? Well it’s easy isn’t it? There’s loads of software out there that will do the job for you whether its reciprocal link software, article spinning, content scraping, or affiliate programmes, it’s all there to make your life easier and to show the search engine giants who is really the boss. A quick Google search on “How to get backlinks” will show a variety of articles, websites, blogs and tweets, with some of the most amazing tips you’ve ever seen. One tip that is repeated throughout the results is the “Buying Text Links” option. Well you can’t get much easier than that. Give someone a few pence and they add a direct link to your site – Job Done!

Or…. Alternatively, you could contact Google direct and ask them to remove your site from their index indefinitely and save some money while you’re at it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The fact that Google lists these sites, blogs and articles at the top of their results is actually beneficial for us SEOs, as it clouds the waters for people trying to learn the art, and keeps the real secrets of link building hidden away. The problem is that it provides a breeding ground for exactly the type of people Google is trying to get rid of. People who want to trick the search engines, find an easy way to reach the top spot, and pass on their knowledge to unsuspecting victims.

The links below were all found within the top 20 results for “How to get backlinks”, so I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you as an example of how not to get backlinks. I am in no way advocating these sites, and if you check in the code you will see they are all no-follow links. Hey, there’s no way these guys are getting my “Quality” backlinks!

    Article spinning and gaining over 1000 links per week…Yeah that won’t look unnatural to Google!
    Buying backlinks. This almost guarantees your way into a bad neighbourhood.
    Link neighbourhoods. This one is specifically called link Vault and interestingly was banned from the Google index in 2006. Definitely not a good neighbourhood to be in.
    Despite numerous search attempts I cannot find out exactly what Massive Traffic Explosion does, which is not a good sign. Any sort of massive traffic explosion is bound to awaken the Google dragon.
    Up to 10,000 verified forum backlinks. Well that’s not going to look suspicious is it!
    9 ways to get backlinks? Perhaps they just could not think of number 10. In truth many of these points are viable linking solutions, however beware of buying links for ranking purposes, as Google is cracking down on this and may result in a penalty…Or worse!
    Blog and forum “do follow” links, creating your own link network, buying text links. The words “unnatural link profile” spring to mind.

This was supposed to be an informative post about the best ways to get quality backlinks to your site, but I have become somewhat sidetracked due to the amount of SEO filth that Google was showing me. It is somewhat ironic that Google allows the very people who it is trying to stop, to demonstrate their bad practices in the search results (or perhaps it’s a double bluff from Google). This will obviously breed more ignorant SEOs which will in-turn lead to more bad practices being carried out online. But as I said before, this is not necessarily a bad thing for myself and my fellow white-hat community. As Google becomes more proficient at spotting SEO filth and kicks them out of the index, it leaves more room for the good guys to stake their claim in the results and spread the word of white-hat SEO.

I appear to have run out of time, so I am afraid the “How to get backlinks” article has become “How NOT to get backlinks”, but watch this space for top tips on how to build a successful link campaign for your business without the empty promise of massive traffic explosions along the way.