Inbound Marketing – Hilltop Garden Centre Coventry

A couple of months ago we were approached by Hilltop Garden Centre in Coventry to take a look at their website marketing and help them reach more potential customers online. Hilltop Garden Centre is a family run business which is now currently owned by two brothers. Hilltop Garden Centre was passed down in generation to Kevin and Grant who both have a very hands on approach and pride themselves in offering a unique and personal service. Over the years the team has grown and there is now a 30 strong team all happy to help customers make the right choice and get the best value for money when it comes to planting the right plants, installing the right water features or making the best choice of garden furniture that will compliment a garden.

With hundreds of shrub varieties on offer, a wide range of garden furniture and garden accessories from trowels to bird baths, pet care to compost and a great selection of giftware, the challenge was to focus on the areas that were best suited to market online. The first port of call was to create a plan of action, what changes should be made on the website to increase leads and enquiries? What restrictions did the current website impose? How would these affect our overall marketing goal? What would we need to do in order to get quality traffic onto the website? Should Hilltop Garden Centre be using social media more? How could we help?

The first obstacle was making changes to the website. As the site runs off a 3rd party Content Management System (CMS) we were very restricted to what we could change from a page structure point of view. For example making the website mobile friendly was not possible. Creating specific landing pages with call to actions was also not possible. We were mainly restricted to site content including meta tag changes, which we went through them all and optimised them.

Using Inbound Marketing
Inbound marketing is an effective way of driving traffic to your website. Rather than buying traffic to your site via adverts, clicks, email lists & telesales and praying for results, by generating unique quality content that aligns the content to the customer’s interest, we can naturally attract the traffic over time. It is true that “sharing is caring” and inbound marketing is all about creating and sharing content with the world.

Social Media
Using the current social media channels available to Hilltop Garden Centre we are also able to share content further and build up a valuable following and potential client base. Every content created and distributed is also shared via Hilltop Garden Centre’s Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. Special offers are also distributed and slowly but surely followers are increasing.

Every business can benefit from Inbound Marketing, just like Hilltop Garden Centre has. It doesn’t matter if you have a local client base or nationwide audience, your message needs to be distributed and shared. Hilltop Garden Centre maybe Coventry based. The majority of their clients are local and live in the surrounding Midlands area, however they do have some clients that travel further afield to view and purchase the quality garden furniture they stock as it is unique. This is the perfect scenario as unique quality content + quality products on offer = increased traffic and leads.