Welcome to the Dreamscape Team – Introducing Aaron Middleton

Introducing Aaron Middleton

I am excited to announce I have recently joined Dreamscape Design in the role of Junior Digital Marketing Executive, where I will be working alongside the Creative Director, James. To give a brief introduction, I will outline what I did before joining Dreamscape, alongside the skills and experience I can bring to the role, and the projects I will be working on.

Aaron Middleton

Studying at university

Before joining Dreamscape, I spent four years studying at Coventry University. First, studying for a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, I developed a strong theoretical understanding of the subject. In particular, I found the marketing planning, campaign management and advertising psychology modules most interesting.

With a keen willingness to learn more, upon graduating I decided to continue my studies. Staying at Coventry, I decided to study a Masters in Advertising and Marketing. My Master’s course was essential in building on what I learnt at undergraduate level. It also allowing me to gain some practical experience in marketing. Working on multiple projects, I gained a great insight into developing marketing content for different target markets and channels, including digital platforms. With a strong willingness to learn, I have always been interested in developing my knowledge and understanding. This is something that will continue in the new role too, as I work towards gaining HubSpot certifications.

From a very young age, I have been influenced by marketing and business. Growing up with my grandparent’s shoe business, I would often go at weekends to different markets or warehouses with them and became instantly fascinated. It is the influence here that enthralled and motivated me to pursue a career in marketing. Studying Business Studies at A-Level also helped in choosing to pursue a career in the field, which continued at University by obtaining my qualifications.


While working on my Master’s course, I had the opportunity to work on a number of practical projects. One of these was developing a plan to improve HMV’s current digital marketing by creating a more engaging shopping experience. I also worked on developing a marketing plan based on the strategy I adopted for a Hotel simulation and writing a creative brief and media plan for the launch of a new streaming service.

Shortly before graduating, I also undertook a research internship at the university. I developed a research paper investigating the extent to which chatbots are affecting online customer experience and trust. While mainly focusing on academic sources for information, it still helped in strengthening my attention to detail and research skills, picking out reoccurring themes and trends from dozens of research journals.

The role

As a digital marketing agency, Dreamscape Design primarily focuses on developing campaigns for clients, making use of both inbound marketing and web design for growth as a way to deliver results. Within the role, I will be given the opportunity to work on a number of projects, including:

  • conducting research and content creation for blogs
  • managing SEO campaigns
  • social media marketing
  • monitoring client websites

I believe the knowledge and skills I have gained throughout my education will greatly help when working on these projects.


Alongside the skills previously mentioned; research, attention to detail, a willingness to learn, and the experience gained on my degree courses, I believe my time management and self-management skills will also be essential when working on multiple projects here at Dreamscape. Both these skills were a great asset throughout my Master’s course.

We were required to complete four large coursework assignments together for submission within two weeks of each other for both semesters 1 and 2. It was a challenging task and required a great amount of planning, but prioritising the workload and setting myself strict deadlines allowed me to complete the work to the best possible standard, usually at least 2 days before the deadline.

Perhaps it was the influence from a young age that helped to develop the strong motivation and drive to succeed that was essential here too. It is the same drive to succeed and motivation that I will also bring to the role here at Dreamscape.

I am extremely grateful to have been given the chance to join Dreamscape and look forward to working with the Dreamscape team and clients in creating and developing their digital marketing campaigns.