Is Google+ going to be a plus for SEO?

Google+ has caused a bit of excitement amongst the more geeky (obviously not me) members of the Dreamscape Design team. I’ve had a good browse though…and I do like what I see.

Why? This is Google’s attempt to steal the social media crown away from Facebook…and have nabbed their ideas and attempted to improve on them! You can follow people (not literally) and post status updates, and upload photos and video etc like the rival websites offer, but the features that Google are hoping will cause the masses to flock to this brand new and shiney social media site are as followed;

  • Grouping your friends and acquaintances into Circles – which enables users to organize contacts into groups for sharing, For example, you can simply drag-and-drop business friends into a “circle”, and your family into another etc, and means you are able to control who sees what.
  • A nifty video chat service is offered called +Hangout, which means you can do a group chat with up 10 people.
  • Clicking on the Sparks tab suggests videos and articles it thinks that you’ll like.

Of course, the SEO department here at Dreamscape is more interested in the effect that this new platform will have on search engine results. The impact of social media has been discussed long and hard at Dreamscape HQ, with the consensus being that a healthy social media presence is a very useful factor in making your business rise in the SERPs. Say, for example, you have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube page, then this shows Google that you ARE a successful and thriving business, and is taken into account.

Now the big development in terms of SEO with Google Plus is the ‘Plus One’ option in the search results. Basically, this is Google’s version of the Facebook ‘like’ button, but it appears that it may have a VERY important impact in Google’s SERPs! How so?  Well, if you type a search into Google like “awesome web design company with wonderfully handsome SEO staff” and decide the fourth or fifth page is better than the (probable) No.1 result of Dreamscape Design, then you can click +1 – which lets Google know that you think this page should be higher up in their results! Obviously, the more +1s a website gets then it’s highly likely that this will improve the position of the website.

Of course, it’s very early days – so this is just (educated) guess work at the moment. But the lines between social media and SEO are certainly getting less and less visible by the day!