Key Money-Making Tips for Online Businesses

Web sales success can appear simple: the more visitors to your site, generally, the more sales you get. However, there are various simple tweaks you can make to your site to improve sales without the need to drastically increase visitor numbers.

  1. Adding the personal touch. Nobody wants to buy off a total stranger, but many people will happily buy from a recommendation made by a close friend or family member. If you can convince your site visitors that like a personal friend you only have their best interests at heart, they will be more open to buying your products or services. It is also very important that when sending out a newsletter you address it to an individual and not your whole audience.
  2. Positive feedback. Publish positive testimonials and comments from your customers. But it is also good to include some “average” feedback. This will reassure your prospective clients that the testimonials featured on your site are 100% trustworthy.
  3. Use images. Use simple diagrams for the problems and solutions that your product offers. Many people will skim through info, while a bold image can be a magnet to the eye and also improve the professional look of your site.
  4. Offer bonuses or rewards. “Dangle the carrot”. Quality bonuses or rewards which accompany a product or service will help your visitors feel that they are getting a very good deal, sometimes perhaps too good to miss. Stating the fantastic “bargain” you have on offer will ensure that your visitors are even more compelled to grab such a fantastic deal.
  5. Closure. Ask for the sale and make it easy for your visitors to complete their purchase. This point may sound obvious or silly but many people forget to do this. Enticing visitors with the benefits of your product and “dangling the carrot” is very important, but also give a VERY clear instruction on how to actually buy your product. (e.g. “click the button to buy now!”).

The above tweaks should help increase your sales and turn your website into a well-oiled ecommerce machine. But also hitting relevant target audiences with an effective online marketing plan could play a vital role in increasing your ROI.

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