How Important are Localised Searches?

Every business owner already knows how important it is to develop a strong online presence and most of us focus on Global or National searches when instructing an SEO company to optimise our site. We all forget the local searches as they are “easier” to target, however how important are these localised searches to your business?

Importance of localised searches

On February 2012 Google made some significant changes to their search algorithms. One of these was the Venice update.  With this update the emphasis is on local search results. By using Geo-location, Google takes note of the user’s town or city and finds results that are significant to that area regardless if the user has set their location or not. Google will trace their location using their IP addresses.

Obviously targeting a national or global search term will promote your business to a much wider audience but surely before you jump into the sea you should learn to become a proficient swimmer in your pond. There are various advantages to localising your SEO such as less competition, the ability to create an excellent reputation and increased sales. This should be the initial stepping stone to a decent and well planned out SEO campaign.

Every business is different and one size does not fit all in this case. Google tends to use the local searches for industries which are local, e.g. restaurants, hair dressers, etc. If you search for web design it doesn’t bring up local searches, but if you search for restaurants it does. That being said as a web design business local searches are important to use, especially as trends have changed and more people like to use a web design company they can come in and speak to and not have to travel miles. For us, this makes local searches very important so we need to ensure we have the main keywords such as “web design Coventry”, “web design Nuneaton” & even “web design Midlands” covered. To get expert advice and to see how Dreamscape Design can help you with your local search reach, your national audience and general Search Engine Optimisation marketing, contact one of our specialists today.