Responsive Web Design and the importance of quality content

It goes without saying, when developing your responsive website, your content needs to be useful, exceptional and provide value to your site visitors. It is an important element of responsive web design and whilst most people have heard the saying “content is king”, unfortunately many website projects (new websites or redesigns), do not have a viable content strategy in place. Without having a content strategy and content structure, it is impossible for your web design team to produce a design that will enhance and optimise your content from a usability point of view. This is especially important if your new website is following a mobile first approach as the responsive web design elements need to be positioned and re-ordered for mobile devices.

So you may ask, what ingredients are required to make your content work for you and your new responsive website?

Responsive Web design and the Importance of quality content

1. Create Original Content

Google will penalize your website if your content is not unique. Visitors to your site also want to find out why they should use your services or purchase your products. Show them you know what you are talking about, that you are experts in your field by creating unique content that is relevant to you. Not only will they find it more interesting than the same stuff that is churned out over and over again on multiple sites, but Google will also reward you – a double win!

2. Structure Your Content

Make sure your content is easy to read. Both your visitors and search engines will expect your content to be structured. Use headings and paragraphs. Use bullet points where necessary. Structure it right and your content will be more appealing to your potential clients and the search engines.

3. Include Call To Actions

We want to make sure that your content leads to an action for a user to take. That may be a download, further information or a quick call back button. Your call to action will depend on what your content is about but you need to make it as easy as possible to collect every lead. If you are providing useful information, make sure you make it as simple as possible for your readers to perform your desired action.

4. Provide Answers

Is your responsive website promoting your services? Provide answers to common questions. This is all part of your visitor’s research and making it all accessible to your readers will provide them with greater value than the webpages that just list services. Selling products? Same applies here. Answers to applications, size guides, colours guides, these are all useful to your readers. Too much to say? Don’t worry, link to relevant blog articles.

5. Add Relevant Images & Video

A page full of text becomes difficult for people to read. Interest is lost. Break things up with relevant imagery and videos.

6. Get To The Point

Yes, people want to read information on how you can solve their problem, be it a service or product, but there is no need to waffle on. If there is not much to say on the subject, just include what is relevant. Be thorough but concise.

When redesigning an existing website, smart companies will seize this opportunity to do what they should have done years ago, clean up your existing content. It is the best opportunity you will have. As you can see there is a lot more to content than just writing a few lines about your company and what you do. Provide value. Provide answers. Provide an action. Your web design agency may be able to help you with your content or you may opt for a more specialist marketing company to create your content. Either way don’t just create your content as an afterthought, it is an important part of any responsive web design.

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