SEO 2.0 – truth or fiction?

You may have heard the phrase SEO 2.0 floating about, but what exactly does it mean? SEO 2.0 is a phrase often associated with the buzz word Web 2.0. Annoying as these phrases may be, there is some truth in them. Web 2.0 depicts the new direction the web has taken over the last couple of years, with social networking sites taking precedence on the web, and the power of content being put back in the hands of the user – which is what the web was originally designed for. The days of corporate entities controlling what we do has certainly changed, and the current web leaders (FaceBook, Twitter, Google) have to pay far more attention to what their users are saying, as they / we inevitably control the future success of their companies.

SEO 2.0 is the process by which the search engines (particularly Google) have utilised the web 2.0 phenomena to provide clearer, more specific results, which are much more difficult to manipulate. Gone are the days of link exchanges and PageRank obsession, Google places far more importance on your image as a respected online pier and whether you are considered an expert in your field. To achieve this it is worth considering the importance of blog posts, article submissions, social bookmarking and having a presence on popular social networking sites.

SEO has certainly changed, but in my opinion this is definitely for the better. Google has become smart and by appreciating the factors Google sees as important, it is possible to promote your online image, get rich links back to your site and grow your site traffic, whilst minimising your chances of being penalised.

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