SEO Can Be A Funny Business

SEO isn’t always boring and tedious. It can also be a funny old game at times.

How about creating a hilarious blog post which tickles everyone’s funny bone? Think about it… Have you sent a link on your facebook page because it made you smile? Or forwarded an amusing email to your entire MSN contacts list? Of course you have!

Wikipedia gives us this definition of humour: “People of all ages and cultures respond to humour. The majority of people are able to experience humour, i.e., to be amused, to laugh or smile at something funny, and thus they are considered to have a sense of humour.”

So, we all pretty much have one. This means that if you can write something funny, then you potentially have a massive audience to work with! You have a sense of humour right? Well, I’ll optimistically assume that most of you have – therefore this wonderful quality that you have been blessed with could be transformed into juicy backlinks!

Now, I’m not going to suggest for one minute that dull people are unable to compete in SEO – as we all need the basic technical stuff. But, as you all know, it is funny blogs and ’10 Top Lists’ that really get Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc buzzing. However, it’s the authors who will be truly laughing!

Of course, this is fine when promoting your own company, but writing articles with humour can be very dangerous when dealing with your own SEO clients! Clients much prefer articles that are informative and directly relating to their business and audience – so you should stick to the style that the client desires. It is therefore essential to establish (at the very beginning) the style of articles that you will be providing.

But with your own company you have a lot more freedom for amusing hijinx SEO. During the World Cup 2010, we wrote a regular football-lampooning blog which caused a vast increase into the traffic visiting our website with it providing links galore…and bringing business in.  For example, an amusing blog post about the ITV England jinx (which also compared John Terry to a salmon) was uploaded during a period where these were being widely discussed in forums and the media, and became No.1 in the search engines.

The success of these blog posts were the evidence we needed to convince us that humour DOES have a surprisingly worthwhile position within SEO and promoting our own services.

Thankfully we have heard rumours that Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Carr and Russell Brand have all yet to announce ventures into the thrilling World of SEO. Therefore we all still have the golden opportunity to thrive in this mildly-amusing part of the search engine optimisation market!