The importance of honest customer feedback in design

When it comes to design there are no steadfast right and wrong answers and the tastes and opinions of the customer play an integral part. Whilst there are certain unwritten ‘rules’ of design, it is an expected part of a designers role, to be confronted with alterations from clients.

It is important that there is a good, honest relationship between client and designer for the project to run smoothly. This honesty should work both ways, with the designer offering expert advice and also the client being truthful about what they like and don’t like. We all see things differently and this must be accepted. When receiving feedback from a client it is always very helpful when reasons are given as to why elements of the design are not liked.

I always try and get an understanding of the client’s tastes right at the beginning of the project by asking them to tell me if they have any particular ideas in mind. This may be colours they like, other websites they like or even ones they hate! This along with my own knowledge and expertise usually leads to a unique and well thought out design for the client, ready to pass on for the programming team to work their magic!