The Importance of Wire Frame Diagrams in the Web Design Process

Wireframe Diagrams

This step in the web design process streamlines projects for both ourselves and our customers. Using wire frames help us ensure that we progress efficiently and effectively, encountering minimal problems along the way.

What is a Wire Frame?
A wire frame diagram is a schematic produced displaying where all of the agreed features and functions within the web site specifications will appear. We at Dreamscape consider this a vital stage in the web design process and we produce the diagram from both an aesthetic and commercial usability view point. This ensures that our customers receive the optimum solution from us that will greatly benefit their business. The wire frame itself consists of simple geometric forms that together form the basic structure that the web site will follow. More specific items such as drop down menus and search boxes can be represented more literally, meaning that the customer can get an idea of how the page will function and be navigated around. There are no detailed embellishments applied to these drawings, the full colour graphic is produced in the next development stage.

What purpose do they serve?
The main purpose of producing these wire frames is that they are very cost effective, in that they save time further down the line within a project. This is because a basic layout composition is planned and agreed to before any complex Photoshop design work is undertaken. It is much easier for the designer to alter the layout on a wire frame diagram to meet the customer’s needs, than it is to do on a multi-layered Photoshop file that can contain hundreds of interlinked layers. It is only after the wire frame has been approved by the customer that we progress to creating a fully detailed colour visual of the homepage, incorporating all of its intricacies. Often, because this process has been followed, there are minimal alterations to be made to the design style. After the homepage design is fully approved, we then create further wire frame diagrams to illustrate the composition of the rest of the website pages. We do not produce diagrams for every page, as that is unnecessary; rather we create drawings for each different style of page. Ultimately we then produce all web site pages as full colour graphics for final customer approval, before the website is then coded using CSS and developed in .NET. Another benefit of using wire frames is that it gives every expert member of our team time to review the project thoroughly at its inception, lending their knowledge from various viewpoints in order to achieve the best outcome.

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