Website Hosting – The backbone of a successful online campaign

Finding a reliable and proactive hosting provider is so important and vital in having a successful online presence for your business. Regardless if your website is selling online or acts as a brochure site, reliability in your hosts is extremely important. It is not just the availability to your users but also it is extremely important when it comes to your websites search engine rankings and any SEO you may be carrying out.

Imagine the following scenario, your website goes down at 3am and is unavailable. Now many of your UK based customers will probably be asleep and the unavailability of your website will not have a direct impact on your sales. Whilst this is true and you would probably not notice your websites downtime, should Google visit your website in one of its many indexing visits, it will index the unavailable page. This would have an affect on your search engine positioning and if you are using a Search Engine Optimisation service it could mean a few hours of hard work wasted. The other impact on having an unreliable host is delivery of emails. Now you wouldn’t want your business phone lines or mobiles to keep on cutting off. The same should be true for your email system. All of our hosting packages are reliable, affordable and have a personal support service to help you with any hosting issues you may have. Our Windows hosting packages offer the ultimate in reliability and all of our technical support team and engineers are proactive when it comes to hosting issues rather than reactive.

As our datacentres are all UK based and we offer the ultimate reliability, our hosting services will not hinder your search engine rankings but will ensure all your hard work and promotional campaigns are not in vain.

With hosting services it really is a case of you get what you pay for. For the sake of saving a few pounds in your hosting package (also with the risk of hidden extra costs), don’t let it cost you more in lost sales. Contact us to discuss your hosting requirements and how we can help you and your business. Alternatively you can visit our hosting section.