Nu Vision Logistics – Web Design & Development

Web design and development for Nu Vision Logistics – a logistics company with a fast-moving vision, based in Nuneaton

Who is Nu Vision?

Nu Vision Logistics are a logistics provider based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Their forward-thinking attitude and fast-moving vision have allowed them to develop a wide range of logistic solutions that are both efficient, flexible and cost-effective.

Understanding the importance of good customer service, they operate around the clock with 24/7 transport services to keep your business moving forward. Whatever your logistics needs, Nu Vision can help keep your business one step ahead.

How we worked with Nu Vision

Dreamscape Design worked with Nu Vision Logistics to design and develop their website. Given the competitive nature of the logistics market, creating a high-quality website was essential to reflect the brand and values.

The aesthetics and user experience were paramount elements in creating a high-quality website development project. To ensure a positive user experience, we created a responsive web design that was easy to navigate. For a highly aesthetic site, we created a design that reflects the Nu Vision branding.

To develop the site, we used the WordPress CMS. Using WordPress allowed us to integrate all the necessary features while still ensuring a fast-loading website with a high-quality design reflective of the company values.

We also worked on creating a custom standalone booking system that would maintain Nu Vision’s efficient logistics services and continue providing a high-quality customer experience. For consistency, the design of the booking system matched the website design.

Nu Vision has adopted a fast-moving vision for a fast-moving market, and the website that we designed and developed will help Nu Vision to continually strive ahead.

About the Client

Nu Vision Logistics are a logistics company based in Nuneaton, offering a range of efficient and flexible logistic solutions.

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