We’re on the move! Dreamscape Moves HQ to Coventry

It’s been a busy few months at Dreamscape. Not only have we been working hard on some exciting projects, but we’ve also moved our Midlands HQ to the Coventry University Technology Park in Coventry City Centre. The Technology Park was setup to support the development of innovation-led, high-growth, knowledge-based businesses and is the perfect base for our busy team to grow and thrive.

So, why Coventry?

The Directors Neville and James both attended Coventry University many moons ago and, in fact, started up Dreamscape Design straight after they graduated. We have worked on various projects for Coventry University over the years and have a number of clients in the Coventry area, so already have strong bonds with both the city and the university.

Coventry has been through its ups and downs throughout history, not least the blitz and the decline in manufacturing. However, it is currently thriving with the help of two top quality universities, a booming digital industry and is now leading the way in advanced manufacturing and engineering. Coventry also won the bid for City of Culture 2021 which is set to boost the economy and provide the city with a bright and prosperous future.

Coventry Web Design Clients

We have a number of clients based in Coventry covering a variety of industries, including:

We’re proud and excited to have moved back to Coventry, where the vision first began. In those 20 years, we have seen huge changes across the web, with the birth of Google and Facebook, the death of the 56k modem (thank goodness!), and now the launch of SMART products and AI. It’s an exciting time to be working in the web industry and we look forward to getting to know many new (and old) businesses in the Coventry area.

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