Web Design Trends of 2018 – Part 1

2017 provided us with some exciting advances in web design and this led to some bold, brave and inspiring design trends across the web. Many of these trends, including mobile-first, responsive design and video integration, were driven by the uptake in mobile usage and increase in broadband speeds. So what will be the web design trends of 2018 be? 2018 will follow suit to some degree, but it is likely that we will see a new set of trends coming to the forefront. In particular, we will see designers attempting to “break” out of the box model which has restricted websites for so long. As the web itself breaks out from its traditional format onto mobile devices, game consoles, watches and household appliances, this is only to be expected.

So, what’s in store for web design in 2018?

Broken Grid Layouts

Overlapping text and images is one way web designers can break away from the standard two dimensional box model. The grid structure we have come to expect from web design, can seem quite limiting in terms of creativity. By overlapping page elements we can give the impression of three dimensions and create a more flowing design which, if done correctly, can really make your web page stand out.

Web Design - Broken Grid Layouts

Brutalist Web Design

Brutalism is another example of designers fighting against the machine, or at least against standardisation… Considered by many to be “ugly”, brutalism goes way beyond retro or vintage designs, back to the very basics. Think web-safe fonts and colours, blocks and pixels and you will be heading on the right track. There is a definite nod towards 80’s arcade gaming and early 90’s websites, with the jarring colours and blocky characters.

Brutalism can be very effective, if done correctly and if it’s targeted at the right audience. But… Be wary if you are considering this style, as it is likely to upset as many people as it brings a smile to.

Web Design - Brutalism

Web Design - Brutalism

Combining Vertical and Horizontal Text

So… are you beginning to see a trend? Yes, those cheeky web designers have found another way to break the mould and stick their middle fingers up at standardisation. Increased browser support for CSS3 and the long overdue death of Internet Explorer 6 and 7 (remember them?), now means that you can place your text wherever you want, at any angle and in any direction, even backwards! But let’s not get carried away, there is still such things as user experience, accessibility and downright good practice. The use of vertical text can be extremely effective, especially when combined with horizontal text. This practice has been used in print design for donkey’s years, so why shouldn’t us web designers get on the band wagon too? We’ve been waiting long enough for Pete’s sake!

Web Design - Vertical Text

Big, Bold Fonts

Yes, this has been happening for a while now. But we think this trend will continue to grow during 2018. Using big, bold fonts can be a great way of getting your message across to your audience, and is particularly effective when combined with a minimal web design style. Web designers now have a huge catalogue of web fonts at their disposal, which means these big and bold fonts can look fantastic on your web page.

Web Design - Bold Fonts

Geometric and Organic Shapes

Yet another method of breaking the conventional web design lines and grids, is to inject some geometric or organic shapes into the design. The use of shapes in the background, or within page elements can help the design flow out from the standardised box model, providing depth, creativity, and flare to your design.

Web Design - Organic Shapes

Web Design - Geometric Shapes

So… what does this all mean for web design in 2018?

There is a definite feeling that designers are starting to rebel against standardisation, the box model, and the rules which previously defined the web. Are we in danger of going back to the 90s, where the web was ruled by web monstrosities, and animated gifs ruled the waves? No, I don’t think so. Designers are starting to push the boundaries again by combining new CSS tricks, extended font libraries, and good old fashioned clever graphic design. Design trends, which were previously only seen in print, are now able to translate (to some degree) onto the web. A couple of years ago, web design appeared to be heading in the direction of consistency and standardisation, particularly with the rise of mobile-friendly websites and best practice. So, it is exciting to now see designers bucking this trend. It is worth remembering, where there are designers, there will be creativity. Long live web design!

Visit again soon for the Web Design Trends of 2018 – Part 2!

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